Creating a Content Brief by Analyzing High Performing Search Results

Getting the structure of an article is essential, especially if you want to rank in Google for it. These days, various tools are helping you to archive this (surfer, marketmuse, frase…). They do this by crawling Google’s search results and try to figure out what Google likes.

While there is nothing wrong with this approach, I missed a really easy way to get an overview of already-ranking articles’ content structures.

I don’t necessarily need the whole feature base of those “onpage seo tools” so I decided to build an Addon for Spreadsheets that can do the same job, but much simpler and without those high costs.

Additionally, it’s quite handy as im anyways planning my articles within Google Workspace.

What this Spreadsheet Content Analyzer can do

The Idea is to Copy the Links of already high-performing search results and fill them into a Spreadsheet:

Now everything I need to go forward is to select the URLs I want to analyze and hit the button “Analyze Selected URLs”.

This will now provide me a handy overview of the Title-tags, Meta description, Wordcount and all the headings of those sites:

A short side note on the word count: Currently the Addon is counting all words on a Website. This also means that content within the sidebar or comments will be counted. This is obviously not ideal and I’m going to improve this in the future. Surprisingly I figured out that most “big onpage tool providers” are doing it the same way, so it’s not better or worse compared to other tools right now.

What this Spreadsheetaddon will not do for you

Compared to the “big tools” in this space, this tool can obviously not do many things like:

  • Calculate keyworddensity
  • Analyze the Content itself (beside the word count)
  • Analyze additional tags (like alt f.i.)
  • Calculation of a score
  • Use NLP to do some magic

I might extend the functionality in the future but I actually don’t like making a huge science, based on numbers out of the content process. I think many things should be still decided by a human who actually knows the topic and has the talent of forming the content in a way that makes sense.

Everything this tool should do is to support this process.


This Add-On is completely free.

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